Blank is not a pictorial space, but rather it is the virgin area that stays as it is.
It is my conscious act of the mind in the canvas.   The act of paint and not paint in the flat surface evoke the actuality as mystery of painting itself.
I walk into the world of wonder in ordinary life.    It brings me enthusiasm.
Nombre de la pintura
Nombre de la pintura
Nombre de la pintura
Nombre de la pintura
The act of listening
      The painting can change the positions of top and bottom or left and right.   Therefore, there are four different views in the same painting.
The viewer could find different energy and presence of the painting in each state.   At the same time, the viewer perceives an immeasurable sensation through the reality of the painting itself. When we let go the world that we think, then we see the world as what is.
It is the act of listening.
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